I had a traditional career in Advertising for over 10 years,
and took a turn (back) to ceramics.
It started with a 2-year residency at Pottery Northwest, in Seattle,
and when that ended I found myself a studio in Georgetown
where I continue to play and make beautiful things.

I was lucky enough to spend my first summer with clay, at age 7 in Japan
(a long time ago...)
I was taking a summer school throwing class, and it was magical!
I don’t think I’d ever been good at something before.
As I’m getting back into the material now, what I’m realizing is
I was good enough with clay, but really - the sparkle came from the clay itself.
It’s the very nature of clay that makes it so easy to work with.

I use the nature of the materials I work with as my guide.
The natural weight of plaster swells & deepens to shape my forms when I’m making a model.
The delectable drips of glaze on the outside of a form are kept as the glaze was applied
and the splats, splatters and the drips in my work come from letting go,
not directing or dictating the material’s course by painting it on,
but playing with different ways of leading the slip to land in the mold.
Funny wording perhaps – but I try and let the slip decide.

This website is where I put things: pictures, thoughts, stories and ideas.
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design doesn't happen in a vacuum.

I humbly share with you, my journey...  

Thank you.