The creative process is a funny thing.  Why you see something, or what catches your eye or what takes you on a design adventure - is so random.  I do know it doesn't happen when you are looking for it. I believe it is a bit like love - the more frantically you look for it, and the more tightly you hold onto the idea of finding it, the more evasive it will be.  Well, that's my 2 cents on life anyway - on with the vase story.

I went to Portland for my birthday last year, and walking past the massive Target downtown, I stopped dead in my tracks and took a big breath in.  "Do we need something at home?" asked my husband, imagining I was thinking about garbage bags or laundry powder.  

I grinned and said "Yes!  Umbrella condoms - I'll get two and you get two. Go!"  He's very tolerant with my random needs.  Hanging in the lobby of the Target were disposable plastic bags to slip your umbrella into while you shop - so they don't drip in the store.  Growing up in Japan, these were common place - but this was the first time I'd seen them in the US.  (As it turns out they do have them in Seattle too - I'd just not been tuned in, or maybe out - in the right way.)  Long enough for a full sized umbrella - and just wide enough.  So I took the 4 bags home to the studio and experimented with them until these came along.

Having these on the table at home has been a wonderful excuse for to buy flowers during this gloomy time of year.  I put flowers in one or two of them and the keep a candle in a third which glows beautiful.  

These are available for sale via my contact page.