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Clay formula

Sadly both of the clay companies I was using at Parson's have gone out of business... 
Selly's Nordic White "doll porcelain" 
(as far as I can tell, 'doll porcelain'  means
high cost for a small supply
since you are only making tiny faces and hands with them) 
and Burn's Stoneware  

So with the very friendly help of Kim from Tacoma Clay Arts and Dale at Laguna Clay (they went to college together) and I think we've got some stuff to work with.

So I've been playing with a lovely, white porcelain and a sturdy lower temperature stoneware-esque clay used for sanitary ware production - so it vitrifies at that lower temperature and is super sturdy.

I've been mixing them at 1/4 ratios and casting them to see how they behave,
how high I can fire them (from cone 6-10)
and the final step with the 'house clay' (like house wine!) is to look at how it takes stains.

Oh!  also when I was at Clay Arts Center (@Tacoma)  they were trying to give me a free gallon of English Grolig cone 6 and cone 10 as Joe there was pretty sure that would fit the bill, so I've been playing with that. 

I have to say, I spent $150 or so on material, and their thoughtful advice and careful consideration was really lovely. I'm glad my $ is going to support such nice peoples.

Also, The rest of the family

I'm building a family set, riffing off of the Slow Down Breakfast Cups there's:
- a cup
- milk jug, (soy or almond jug) 
- sugar bowl (or espresso cup!) 

- and coffee carafe (water pitcher, OJ, or cocktail jug).