test tiles

One of the things you do working in clay, is test tiles
to see how your surface, and clay body will react to decoration...
(glaze, underglaze, and coloured slip) 
before you glaze the pieces you've been working hard on.

Below are today's test tiles - to see how I'll glaze my yeti's.
they are numbered on the back, 
but here are my notes & unfired matching visual.

# 1 (botton right)
leather hard terracotta with white & black slip applied by paintbrush on top of 'fur' scratches 

# 2 (bottom left)
wet terracotta black and white underglaze by brush, 'fur' marks on top of underglaze.

(top left)
leather hard terracotta with 'fur' scratches  underglaze white and underglaze black applied by brush in top.

(top right)
Wet clay. Bump away from me: left side scratched then underglaze. Right side underglaze then scratched.  Mahogany brown underglaze.

2013-05-06 13.27.25.jpg