RAP grant


The RAP grant is only open to resident artist at Pottery Northwest – and funded from part of the takings of the Salad Bowl fundraiser.  RAP stands for Resident Artist Program…  and as of such – is only open to current residents that have not received it before.  (Which makes it very favorable odds - there are only 8 residents in the program at one time...)

I was thrilled to be awarded a portion of it!  I put in two applications, with different approaches and one of them was approved.  The first was a rap I wrote – "mix a-lotta slip” – asking for a slip mixer, detailing the size, manufacturer and benefits to my work that would come from having one.  It was silly and fun, but also good to get out of my head – the words kept coming to me when I was trying to go to sleep, so had to go somewhere.

The second one was a more weighty request for support in bringing digital into my practice.  The application was called “let's get digital” (sticking with music as a guiding theme.)  And I asked for a membership to MakerHaus – a 3D printing, laser cutting, AutoCAD dabbling creative space. 

I am thrilled to have been awarded the grant – and have a chance to explore this cross over of design and clay… and see what further control* I can offer to the process.  (* yes, I can hear the clay gods laughing as I write that.)

So the good thing is I was awarded the grant. The bad thing is MakerHus announced 4 days after I was awarded the funds – that they were closing in October.

Doh!  So I am in the process of looking for somewhere new – there are a few shops in Seattle & I’ve heard of a few that might grow soon.  And I'm also exploring the possibilities online, looking at Sketch-Up Software - and using a print & ship service like Shapeways.

Watch this space...