La Marzocco Home

The day after I signed for the keys to my studio at Equinox I took a call with Scott Callander at La Marzocco Home who was looking to source custom cups to be sold as accompaniments to their home espresso machines. He asked when they could visit my studio to talk in detail about the designs they were looking for, and I suggested Friday… giving me just enough time to sort the studio out, unpack boxes and build a few IKEA Omar shelves. 

 When we met we hit if off right away, and afterwards I sent Scott along with a few schematic drawings and a note saying, “it was great to hang out”.  We went back and forth tweaking the design and having agreed on form, tone of grey, size of logo and glaze application – it was go time.

The La Marzocco cups have flown off the shelves with help from their great marketing team. The cups were even the lead gift item in this article on Sprudge:

Working with La Marzocco has been a gift. My lead client Scott, has been client, friend and mentor as my fledgling business is stepping up to the plate with a company well versed in supply, production and design quality. They are also well versed in social media and content production and Ben Blaze, creative & photographer extraordinaire, spent a few days at my studio documenting my process.  He generously shared his photos from that time with me, here's a peak for you.

and a tinny peak at some of their press photos, but for full effect see their Instagram