welcome - more thank a feeling

Friday evening was the opening night of my exit show
celebrating two years as a resident at Pottery Northwest.

Below are some photos from the night of the opening.
If you missed the opening, and would like a guided tour
please do drop me a line - and I will happily meet you at the gallery to talk about the work.
The show is up until the end of August.

This started as a thank you to my photographers,
and it grew and grew,
as there are so many people that supported me to this point.

Thank you to Sudhi Tirnahalli and Robert Alexander
for being my photographers so I could focus on other things.  
(like hugging guests and directing them towards the beer and bubbles!)

to Jane Hill, transatlantic DJ.

to Plank & Grain, for the generous loan of their handmade, furniture.
Their custom furniture is lovingly made from reclaimed wood
found in old buildings around the Pacific Northwest. 
Their work is exquisite and affordable
and I can't count the number of people who have raved about it to me since the show went up. 
(and to Jordan, who introduced me to Plank & Grain, I consider my creative fairy godmother.)

James Lobb director of Pottery Northwest, who truly enjoys facilitating artists making and showing their art.
Only surpassed by his wife Brooke - who is the calm presence at each of our openings - and the person who makes everything alright on the night.  They both follow elegantly in the footsteps of Wally & Julie Bivins who lead the way before them.  Also, thank you to Wally for taking a chance on me, and all of your guidance, and friendship.

Robert, Mum, Dad, Joe, Helene & Wolfe, Alex & Eileen, Bridget, Margaret & Chris, Janie, Ra&G, Vicky, Mel, Noriko, Momo, and all my friends and family who have believed in me, supporting my clay career from way back when - and patiently waited while I found my way back here.

I could go on... it takes a village.  
Also, thank you to The Village.