Equinox Open House - Second Saturday

Every Second Saturday of the month, Equinox's makers open their doors from 6-9pm for the public to come and adventure in art land.  It's a different mix of makers every month, but always an adventure with fire pits in the street, and music and creativity pouring out the doors.

You can also follow Equinox on facebook here - and they make an event every month and share who will be open, which is a nice way to follow a wider maker community.

Last month, I asked for visitors input on some nesting bowls I was developing, and this time I have new porcelain earrings* on offer (warning, these will ruin you for other earrings, they are so light).  Usually, I've a few samples and seconds on sale alongside my own work - so bargain hunter be ready...

Stop by, and say hi - and give Jones a scratch under his chin he loves visitors!

6560 5th Ave S. Equinox Studios, The LivingRoom Bldg, Seattle, WA 98108
(it's the single metal door, opposite the picnic table and basketball hoop)