cappuccino / latte - down drips

SKaye Size _ Scale Capp.jpg
SKaye Size _ Scale Capp.jpg

cappuccino / latte - down drips


After working with 3 of the coffee greats on projects for them
I thought it was time to develop my own coffee cups
for coffee specifically, and the way I drink it.

At home, we make a 'poor man's cappuccino' at home,
stovetop espresso, and milk foamed up in a french press.
These cups take it to the next level.  
In my cupboard I stack them vertically (sole to sole)
so you get 2 cups in the space of one.

(okay these might have started as a birthday present for my husband...
but he's agreed to share!)

Food safe, dishwasher proof, microwave friendly. Life is for living, not hand washing dishes.

Limited quantity available now or 7 weeks made to order. Each cup and pattern is unique and will vary slightly from the one shown.

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