Oooie Gooie Goodness

I borrowed this recipe from my friend Erin.
She introduced me to it in January
I was in San Fran.
It was winter.
I was cold, tired & this was glorious.

when I asked for the recipe the other day
her reply was totally my style of recipe


"o, it's a yeast bread, often half wheat/half white. 
You then roll it out about an inch thick.
Then mix up a mixture of sugar and butter and cinnamon, 
probably more than you're really comfortable with. 
Spread it over the rolled-out bread. 
(the way to figure out 'enough' is to see how much it takes to cover it) 
you can add apples or raisins or walnuts at this stage. 

Then roll it up and put it in a loaf pan in the oven. Or something like that.
You can also slice the roll and put it in a flatter pan (as cinnamon rolls), 
with a bit more cinnamon and sugar on top.
I bet you have bread recipes you like. The ones I use are sourdough ones."

I cooked up the apples I had around the house
(fiji, granny and another one I can't remember right now)
((I think the mix of apples gave it nice depth and breadth of flavor))
in lots of lemon, some brown sugar and golden syrup
(lets be honest, mostly so I could lick the spoon afterwards)
I added the apple to my basic bread recipe (which I'll share at some point)
rolled it up and cut them into swirls, 
allowing the dough to rise before baking for about 15 minutes on 190c

Umm, wow.  Oooie Gooie Goodness!
Sweet, sticky but without the soullessness pastry.
this was satisfying and so comforting.

served with coffee.
(milk for me, straight up for the boy)