Eggs & Avocado

Weekends were made for eggs
my food snobbery means
its only free-range organic eggs

eggs and avocado is a weekly essential
Saturday's eggs were extra special
on home made challah (holla!)
and served with bacon
(you know a little Jewish, a little not)

lightly toasted bread
blend 1/2 a lemon,
about a tsp of olive oil
mush - and then spread on the toast
you can lux it up with a little cream cheese underneath.

meanwhile poach 4 eggs
(get your groove with poachers
and its easy
but its not like riding a bike
I find you've got to stay practiced)
so, boil water
add a glug of white vinegar or cider vinegar
(brown vinegars look yucky)
and a pinch of slat

once the water is its good & bubbly - turn the heat off.
use a cup or small bowl - and ease one egg at a time into the water
(easing them against the side of the pan)
let a little water into the cup / bowl
and that will help the egg learn its shape to be
reminding it to say together, and away from the other eggs.

leave for 3 minutes, remove one at a time
(in the order they went in)

not to brag, but I now do 4 eggs in 1 pan
it used to be an egg per pot - (i don't wash up...)

fresh eggs make a difference & so does using room temp eggs.

anyway, serve eggs on avocado mush, on toast
with sprinkled bacon chopped into little bits.
so good.