Asides from grinning from ear to ear
obviously an endorphin reaction to the intense noise

my favourite thing about the F1?
The Pontoon! 

Floating across the Lake in the middle of Albert Park makes getting from one side to the next a 2 minute task rather than a good 20 minutes. Little plastic squares that fit together like Lego & float.  Awesome!

Lots of old cars displayed...
which loose all of their charm & magic, being treated as show pieces, rather then all the lovelies you see on the street where you can imagine befriending the drivers on a sunny Melbourne day and enjoying a spin along the Esplanade together.

Lastly, I've got to say, I prefer the V8s. 
I can imagine driving one (not at those speeds) but they are wholly easier to relate to and a bit more rough & tumble than the precision and delicate F1 cars.