XL bowl - blue & white - tidy stripe


XL bowl - blue & white - tidy stripe


Large one-of-kind center pieces, slip cast in porcelain with mason stained slip used as an accent.  On the inside of the bowls, the decoration is slightly raised, and on the outside, it is integral with the surface so you have to pick up the bowl to see it's detail.  (or at least, not allowing you to 'see' it with your fingers.)

Glazed on the inside for practicality, and shine - the outside surfaces are unglazed so you can enjoy the softness of the vitrified porcelain with your fingers. 

I used latex to create the mother mold for these forms, so they would register  as 'correct' to our eyes.  Shaped by nature.  The way they wear their weight and size.

Some have one handhold dent, and some have two. 

The XL are approximately 12" x 9"

Limited quantity available now or 7 weeks made to order.

Perfect for parties, salads, chips, houseplants or as an ice bucket - (holds 3 bottles and the summer trifecta perfectly Bubbles, White & Rose!).

Food safe, dishwasher proof, microwave friendly. Life is for living, not hand washing dishes.

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