to-go cup white with black downdrips 12-14oz


to-go cup white with black downdrips 12-14oz


White cup with black downdrips, silicone lid and cuff.

These are to-go cups
I think of them as 'car cups'
making that 'get out the door coffee' a nicer experience.

They hold 12-14oz of liquid
and are equal opportunity tea and coffee cups.

Made of porcelain,
they have a silicon lid and cuff
(I hate drinks from those metal to-go cups -- it tastes wrong!)
I put it in my bag when I'm done and bang around with it all day.
I'll be honest, its not as solid at as metal cup - but this isn't your grandma's porcelain either.

Enjoy!  Life is for living.  Cups are for enjoying.

- Don't sit on your bag w/ the cup inside.
- Empty it before putting it in your bag.
- Put it in your bag, lid side up - so it doesn't drip.

Food safe, dishwasher proof, microwave friendly. Life is for living, not hand washing dishes.

Limited quantity available now or 7 weeks made to order. Each cup and pattern is unique and will vary slightly from the one shown.

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