day two was good too

I do love my life at the studio already...

supply shopping at an aerospace support business
that makes custom parts for Boeing
where they required safety-glasses for my visit
and I had to sign that I was either a US citizen or a Green Card holder

working with silky smooth plaster again
(which they don't eyeball here, but actually weigh - what a concept!)

I am thinking of building a plaster wheel - which is the ONLY thing lacking
spraybooth - check!
sandblaster, check
soda kiln, electric kiln, etc
wheels a plenty,
but a plaster wheel would help...

I even threw on the wheel for the first time since Ii was seven.
not a master at it just yet,
but my new friend Jana Evans said she was proper impressed
with what I'd thrown given how long it had been. 
and that really, is all the encouragement it takes.  

Oh - and final thing, on Friday Lindsay Pichaske gave a talk.
If you like my Yeti - you'll LOVE her work
its like a grown-up version of the playful space between humans and animals.
She works with painstaking delicacy (her works take 3-4 months to complete)
I was enamored with her work -
and need to get down to the Foster White gallery to check her current show out.


2013-07-11 19.35.06.jpg
2013-07-11 19.35.17.jpg
2013-07-11 18.49.56.jpg