starting with the Salad Bowl fundraiser

I'm sorry about the quiet...
I can't promise it won't happen again
but let me try and get you up to speed:

I got here 2 weeks before our annual fundraiser
the "Salad Bowl"...
the residents collaborate on pieces
with each resident making 25 bowls and then glazing 25 bowls
but ensuring not to paint their own.
I came in late in the game, but below is a quick snap of a few of mine.

 Salad Bowl was a huge success, and we raised $30K
which is to support the residents & our firing fees over the next two years.
We had a few larger items for auction, and some special offerings too,
but the baseline was that for the price of entry,
our patrons were invited to select a "salad bowl" to eat off & take home.

It was really fun watching the process of selection,
and also identifying what draws the eye and for whom. 

Oh, hello. You scrolled this far down?? 
Ok then,  here's a picture of the transfer tattoo's I made for all the residents
so there'd be a way we'd stand out in the crowd to answer questions etc.
(you can take the girl out of marketing...)



2013-08-01 18.37.57.jpg