I'm getting ready to start teaching again in January - and realise that I've never mentioned it here and yet it makes up a big piece of my clay life!

I’ve been teaching plaster mold making & slip-casting one semester on, and one semester off since I’ve been in the studio. I’ve really enjoyed it – though I am always surprised how much time it takes in a week. The class itself runs from 6-9pm one day a week – that’s only a struggle for me when I forget to eat before class!

But prep for the classes, planning demos, staying ahead for the next session – and answering students questions – ends up taking up a lot more of the week that I’d ever expected.  Having said that – it is so much more rewarding than I expected too!  Seeing the 'ah ha' when they pull their first piece from a mold –and the pride when they share their finished work makes me feel great. I'm also lucky enough to have talented students - and I'm proud of their work - which is a really nice feeling.

 I’ve made some good friends teaching too and the thing about learning from your students is so true – there are many ways to make a mold, and alter clay. 

Bellow are a few shots from my last class's final crit too - snapped quickly on my phone, so I apologize for the quality.