keeping an eye on myself

I'm always snapping photos as I go - it really helps me keep track of where I am in the process.  It also motivates me, I love seeing these snaps on my camera mix in amongst the other things that I was excited about during the day.  (I'm that person that punctuations my conversations in person with a picture "the sky this morning was electric orange".)

From documenting what was loaded in a kiln (how many cups did I make?) to knowing what was on the other side of a piece when it's in a mold and I can't see it -- here's a little sampling from this months' photos:

This set - tells me what's the other side of a piece.  
These are all the outside, or the bottom of the pieces you are looking at:

These are kiln loads, and unloads. I love multiples - so when I've set a kiln to fire overnight, seeing these on my phone before I go to sleep almost excites me too much to sleep through the night. The kiln interior shots are useful for me to consider what fits the most pieces in for future efficiency.  

Also, Tetris!! 

Last but not least - shiny glazed work, fresh and tinkling as it cools, out the kiln. I always document new work before it goes out the door, especially if it is a new design. However before that, and before I give everything its final sanding I like to see what's there - what failed, what split and then indulge myself in a few photos that speak to multiples and production, rather than design. It takes a lot of work to get a table full of ceramics like this - and so I indulge myself.  :-)