Glory hole @ Pinocchio

So last week I was in South Yarra, 
where I lived when I first moved here
and I picked up a take out pizza from Pinocchio

It used to be our local fallback  
I can't say much for the ambiance,
its apparently an institution
been around since 1970
not sure they have decorated since
but their pizza is old school yum.

more importantly
they carry a Sangiovese Cabernet  
by Dal Zotto that is just glorious.

AND as you can see by my photo
in the bathroom they have a hole in the wall
labeled GLORY HOLE.

how long has that hole been there?! 
at least 6 months... 

it made me smile to see it was still there.
like awww... a Melbourne memory.

and yes, I am all class
sometimes I even eat out at places other than pizza joints.
you'll see.