Not very good at the whole blogging thing yet...

So I've not quite got this blogging thing into my patterns yet, two failed blog post:

Potato Dauphioise & dinner at +39

Potato Dauphioise
I don't work from recipe books, actually I don't really work from recipes at all
I google, do a little research and then do my own thing
this was the sort of thing I look for in search: 

helpful top tips for perfect results, and a why things might have gone wrong section
the potato's were okay, not my best - but much better reheated day to.

anyway, the point of this is #bloggingfail.
I took 1 photo - at the dish's least attractive phase (uncooked)
and then promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Dinner at +39 
on Little Bourke Street
pizzeria of the year 2010.

The dough / crust was fantastic!
Unlike most commercial pizza its had so much flavor.  
and it smelt so good. 
so very good. 
I forgot to take any photos till after.
Nice cutlery...
we said that before we ate actaully.
not just an after through looking at the photo I did take.

here is a real blogger talking about their meal at +39