Wild Rice and Green

This is one of my fall back dishes
evolved from a roomie who made what I've come to think of as the English version
his dominant flavors were cucumber, mint, parsley and tinned tuna

I've adopted it, and use what I keep in the fridge
boiled the wild rice, as per the packet
and then chop up small (ie .5cm cubes)
celery (2 sicks)
spring onions (2 or 3)
a handful of rocket leaves
a handful of mung beans or similar
steamed asparagus
or steamed and grilled brussels sprouts

toast some nuts and throw them in
again 2 or 3 types better than one
today I used pistachios, cashews and pine nuts

*toast different sized nuts separate to accommodate for different cooking times
(burnt nuts suck)

one lime or lemon (you get more bitterness per drop with lime)
mustard 1 tsp per type you have in the fridge up to 3 tsps max
a glug of good olive oil
a glug of walnut or peanut oil (sesame tastes too distinctly "Asian")

oh - and I don't make it with tinned tuna,
but often serve it with a grilled tuna steak
(best is marinated for 30minutes in Braggs (or soy) lemon/lime, and a 1/3 of a beer.)