Book: A Spot of Bother, Mark Haddon

a lovely book
full of 'oh that's just like something I'd think
(but more articulate) 
being able to see my friends & family in the characters 

some of the lines just made me laugh out-loud
not sure they'll work out of context
but since I allowed myself the book sin of folding down the pages, I'll share them here...

(itty bitty teen-tiny folds, in the bottom of the page so I wouldn't notice them tooo much)
((what me?  uptight?))

"He spent the day shopping and making risotto in the time-honored male way, removing all the utensils from the draws, laying them out like surgical instruments, then decanting all the ingredients into small bowls to maximize the washing up."

"Aidan balled Katie out because admitting he'd cocked up wasn't one of the skills he'd learnt on his MBA."

"You remember Emily?"
"Thew up in the vestry."
"They had to send her up the aisle with this massive bouquet to hid the stain.  Barry's dad assumed the smell was Roddy.  You know, after their stag night."

"It exasperated her sometimes.  The way men could be so sure of themselves.  They put words together like sheds or shelves and you could stand on them they were so solid.  And those feelings which overwhelmed you in the small hours turned to smoke."

"We're just the little people on the top of the cake.  Weddings are about families.  You and me, we've got the rest of our lives together."