Grampians National Park

We haven't even scratched the surface of the 168,000 hectare Grampians National Park
(NW of Melbourne, towards Adelaide, ish) but I can tell you (so far) it is absolutely stunning..

This map is the Vic Gov standard issue
showing road closure, camping sites, facilities etc.

most people start in Halls Gap - and its a good starting point
but it also means the closer walks are heavily popualated
next time we are going to try further North and West.
Having said that, I understand why they are heavily populated
within close proximity & easy walking there breath taking views.
(some of which you'll see were obscured by fog on our day)
Only 226 steps there and back, are the McKinzie Falls(first 2 pixs)
(counted by a family I met on the way back up)

- there are 200 bird species in the National park
- 800 indigenous plant species 
- 40 of these are found NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD
that really exciting to me...

so few things are that rare these days.

Breakfast was a double shot flat white and a sticky bun
(I'll tell you about Auz Coffee one day)
looking out over The Balconys (pic 3)
and imagining what was the other side of the fog. 
On a day like this it was easy to understand why they were named after a mountain range in Scotland

Lunch was mushy smoked salmon sandwiches sitting on a ledge most of the way up the Hollow Mountian picture (#4) below... and one of the best lunches I've had in ages.  
The sun broke through as we scrambled up, and rewarded us.

Well, I say scramble,
its was somewhat of a scramble
but not compared to
the guys climbing this sheer face!

I have also taken some photos of beautiful plants 
but can't let myself blog about them without identifying them first...
so promise to get back to you on that one.
though here's one only found in the Grampians,
the Red Parrot Pea.