Challah yo!

Homemade Challah is surprisingly easy
(once you get over the 'making bread' fear)
and while, its nice bread straight out the oven...
it is the King of Bread, when it comes to French Toast.

Now, if you are pregnant (hint, hint...)
(No, no! Not me! That's to a friend who is pregnant)
and you don't like eggs, I'm thinking this is the way to get your power start to the day
(freeze unused slices and take them out as needed)
2 pieces of french toast with fruit & you're laughing.  
but I digress...

lots of recipes for Challah out there don't quite fit in the kitchen aid
they are just that bit too much dough... this one does:
(yes, its a recipe from Disney, thanks for the ribbing)
amending the recipe, step 5 is confusing and nobody braids / (plaits) from the middle!

instead,  here's my step 5:

split the dough in 2 balls (with which you'll make 2 loaves)

cover and put the one aside, while you work on the first
split this ball into 3 equal chunks then roll them out, just a little longer than your baking tray.

Lay the 3 ropes together parallel, and then at one end pinch them together and tuck the end under, so it looks tidy on top.

Then proceed to braid them as you would hair...  so start with the left most rope and go over the first rope and under the second (moving to the right).  Repeat till you run out of dough & tuck this end under too.

Pop onto wax paper (saves on clean up) on an oven tray, and leave them to prove for 20 - 30 minutes or so under cellophane that you have sprayed with olive oil (pam or what not) on the underside.  This will keep them warm, help them rise, and then not stick to the plastic on removal.  If the kitchen is chilly put the tray on a kitchen towel, and cover with one over the plastic too - this will help retain the heat.

Lastly egg wash & bake, which is step 6 in the recipe from Disney
though give them 2 coats of egg wash... there's always leftover
and this gets the glossy dark surface on them.

Straight out the oven I could eat half a loaf myself...  but try and save some for tomorrow's French Toast.